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easy-dial Ltd is an independent telecoms provider, established in 1995. We are registered as a UK Company with our Registered Office in London.

easy-dial Ltd is one of the pioneers of the Calling Account – the 21st Century equivalent of the previously popular prepaid Calling cards.

Wikipedia has a definition “Accounts without a card (Virtual phonecards)

Since the early 2000s calling card service providers have introduced calling accounts not associated with a physical card. Calling accounts can be purchased over the Internet using credit cards and are instantly delivered to the customer via e-mail. This e-mail contains the PIN and instructions for using the service. The service may be prepaid, or may take payment from a credit card or by direct debit. Some prepaid card companies allow accounts to be recharged online manually or automatically via a method called auto-top-up.

Some virtual cards offer PINless Dialing, either by dialling a number unique to the customer, or by recognising the telephone number which originated the call by Caller ID and relating it to the appropriate account. Some virtual phone cards allow customers to view their call detail reports (CDRs) online by logging into their account.

The virtual phonecard has become a multi-billion US dollar industry as of 2009, with a number of large corporations and smaller Dot Com companies. While long-distance inland calls have been offered by calling cards, by the mid-2000s conventional carriers reduced their rates to be competitive; however in many countries calling-card type indirect services can be much cheaper than normal calls.”

For more information on the easy-dial Services, please check out our Other Services Page

Our mission is:

“To bring to consumers and businesses 21st Century international quality calling and straightforward products, at reasonable prices.”

We are an internet business with partners and customers using our services around the globe.

Apart from low call costs and innovative products, easy-dial has also concentrated on giving outstanding customer service.


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